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I will briefly show you everything I do, from the very beginning to the latest works realized in various materials, primarily the kiln-burned ceramics , often combined with wood, metal, textiles and dried flowers, but also in clay-like materials.

Windows of Coastal Adriatic

Little windows of coastal Adriatic region called Ponestrice are persistent and constant inspiration for all categories of artists in mediterranean region of Europe: painters, form and model makers, writers, photographers, storytellers etc...

A treasure of colours, variety of their shapes and forms could be hardly compared with any other motif of our coastal region. They are trademark image of many typical mediterranean cities like Dubrovnik, Rovinj, Split, Naples, Marseilles, Barcelona and others...


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Ada Nemarnik was born in Rijeka, where she now lives and works. She is one of those comprehensive artists with mostly "domestic" art attributes. Comprehensive because of the choice of materials and techniques she uses, and domestic or local because her motifs are almost always objects and themes of her surroundings and from close and far history of Croatian coastal region.

The majority of her works she uses to make of clay (ceramics, common style pottery and japanese rakú), but also in other clay-like materials. Richness of her talent is shown in unusual combining of various stuff (ceramics/ wood and metal, painting techniques/wood, clay/stone/dried flowers/dry seeds, etc...) Ocasionally she manufactures ornaments and jewellery, mardi-gras masks, and a wide-ranging palette of articles for every day common use (ceramic lamps and watches, sewed parts, gift pieces, etc...) Treasure of colours and variety of themes are telling us she is firmly connected to her born country.

On the wings of wealthy heritage she expresses her view of stuff from the "past everyday life" in thumbnails, making forms of old worn out shoes, backpack bags, horseshoes, jars, pots, riddles...

My Works


From the very beginning my focus is certainly on work in kiln burned ceramics, painted body and glazed, what is my main concern and interest.

Here you can find the latest series of works in the order they were created:


Story About Ceramic Little Windows

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Here you can see a brief overview of phases of making ceramic little windows.

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Story About Art Ceramics Pieces

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The story of making artistic and common-use ceramics.

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Story About Artwork In Other materials

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Here you can see a brief overview of the work in other materials.

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